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After some serious thought where I wanted it to go I, I have two announcements.

The first is that the Solstice (Part one of the Moxley Trilogy) is not actually going to be a trilogy and there will be definitely be four books at least....

The second announcement to most is that the next book is pretty much mapped out and will be called, "Celestial"

The images were just ones I picked at slapped a title on to give some clues on what the book will be. It should be noted that I am still going to put out "Pill Hill" first but afterwards I will start working on the next Solstice book.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beyond Two Souls Review

I'll be the first to admit it...I liked 'Heavy Rain'. Was the PS3 exclusive perfect in everyway? Of course not. It was however a huge step in story telling and motion capture in gaming in the early days of the PlayStation 3. In spite of the mundane tasks and some of the bad acting (especially at the beginning) I liked the premise and how things played out based on your decisions in the game, and I thought to myself that whatever David Cage comes up with next is going to even better.

I was wrong.

When the announcement was mad that Cage and his Quantic Dreams game company was producing a game starring Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) I was pretty stoked about having a game like Heavy Rain but with better actors. Then it was revealed that Willem Dafoe was also in it...awesome! As long as they didn't go and make the same mistakes as before then this could be a game of the year contender.

They made a lot of the same mistakes.

Let's just get into the design of the game so I can state my case. One of the issues with the previous games by Cage was performing monotonous tasks that we all do on a everyday basis; opening a refrigerator, shaving, opening a door, etc. What made it bad was the use of the analog stick and the way you had to move it that sometimes made it annoying. To their credit, while there were still things to do in the game like opening a door it wasn't as bad to control doing so like in 'Heavy Rain'. To my point though, why even have to do it at all? Most of this occurs during the terrible downtime that the game has when the character is a child or teenager and you have to go through the motions to move on with the game. Some of it served a purpose but a lot of it seemed to be put in their just to give the player something to do. Then there is the pacing of the game in general.

The game is set up on a sort of timeline between each chapter, but goes back and forth between being a child, to an adult, to being on the run, to being part of the CIA and so on. This is not a bad thing, but after looking at the timeline chapters it occurred to me that some of these chapters could have easily been put together into one, so instead of one small part it could be a bigger part of the story. I understand why the choice was made to do this, to let the player be surprised by the events that occurred early in the time line but not see it until later in the game for a 'surprise' or 'shock effect'. Once again not a bad thing, but it also seemed to be broken up to split up the gameplay elements as well.

 In one chapter you are walking around with your overly protective soul, 'Aiden" and you use him to create super natural occurrences like items moving or breaking, another is you are in a combat situation with an overly easy combat system that allows you to be undetected as long as you keep the 'X' button pressed, then there is the quick time events and hand to hand combat sections...ugh...the hand to hand...which I was not good at because of my urge to just react and not see what the main character was doing (if the is moving downwards, then to use the stick and point it downwards). Simple enough, but I was terrible at it for some reason...which really didn't matter since it seemed impossible to die!

That's right. There seemed to be no consequence to be had when you did not do certain tasks during the combat.  You know why? Because your over protective soul that is attached to you just comes swooping in to save the day. This is no doubt a choice to keep you engaged in the story more, which is what Quantic Dreams does, but it begs the question... can this really be considered a game?  When you make choices there are repercussions in a game that can lead to a 'game over' screen or losing the level and having to restart, but not in 'Beyond: Two Souls'. That's a debate that will be had I am sure.

Which also leads me to believe that this game doesn't really know what it wants to be. Is it a science fiction, horror, third person shooter, stealth...I am not sure how to define it because it had all of these elements included in it. Maybe I'll just call it an interactive movie, because I think David Cage would like that.

Graphically it just about the same their previous game but with some cool science fiction effects for the plot line that was created. The character models didn't seem to different which I found to be a little disappointing as I found they paid more attention to Page's features than Dafoe's or anyone else's overall. Don't get me wrong, you can tell that it is clearly Willem Dafoe, but the age lines and pores were not in great detail like with Ellen Page, but that may have been a space issue on the disc for all I know.

Speaking of Ellen Page...great in it as well as the rest of the cast. Nothing bad to say about anyone or anything. However, is it a requirement for the actress to take off her clothes in these games? I think I can count the number of times Ellen Page takes a shower and changes her clothes on both of my hands. This also is one of those unnecessary tasks you are made to do like shaking the controller to dry your body off with a towel (the dinner chapter was mind numbingly bad and awkward).

The plot was great overall and I found the parts where she is on the run more humbling than anything else that had to do with the plotline, which outlined the good in humanity and what her 'gift' can do. There was no real heart before those scenes occurred by Page, but the Dafoe character and his assistant had that part down as the Page character grew up and they regarded her as a daughter like figure.

I didn't hate "Beyond Two Souls". As the game went on I just played it for the plotline and performance and had no real liking to the gameplay, if that's what you would call it. I probably won't play it again to see the other endings (26 total I think). I got what I wanted out of it and was content with it. I would not suggest buying it unless you are a completionist and just have to get that platinum trophy on your PSN account. Spend the four bucks and a Redbox and play it for two days, in which you can probably beat in less time and get a good story and performance at the very least.

Oh. David Cage. If like making movies so much, maybe you should just be a film director. I am not sure what you are trying to prove with your games but I just don't think you upped the bar any like you did with 'Heavy Rain'. There is always the PS4 though.

Beyond Two Souls: 3 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Last of Us Review

     On April 16th, 2010, Roger Ebert wrote the article in his blog called, "Video Games Can Never Be Art".  Since then, the topic has been debated back and forth for the last three years since. A few months I mentioned that "Bioshock Infinite" was the closest piece of intellectual property that comes close to proving Ebert wrong. It's storyline of bigotry in America, life choices, war, and even quantum physics brought videogames to another plain; people still are scrounging through Bioshock to find hidden object, recorders, and even playing a second or third time through so they understand it all. The fact is they know it and the fact that they can't put it into words is frustrating, and anything to help with the debates or even the telling of friends about the game to make it coherent helps.

     The best way I can describe it is that every year I watch the film "Jacobs Ladder". It's a great movie, in my opinion, but the main reason is to reassure myself that I understand it, in spite of the fact that I can't convey the whole plotline. It's the same with David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive"; I get it, but talking to you about it won't do it justice.

    "The Last of Us" is not like those films, or even like 'Bioshock', but it is indeed something else.

    I realize that I am late to the game in the reviewing process for this game because I am not privy enough to get advanced copies of games, but I read a lot of reviews when the game came out; 10/10 and 5 out of 5 stars seemed prominent, but with that I don't think most reviewers got the uniqueness of the story itself and based their reviews more on atmosphere, which 'The Last of Us' has plenty of.

     At this point, any of you reading this will more than likely know the premise; Joel is tasked with escorting Ellie to a group a people called 'The Firefly's' to possibly help mankind against the infected population. There I did it just in case. Naughty Dog is not a stranger to atmosphere and great backdrops and graphics (The Uncharted series), but in this they take it a step further with character interaction, atmosphere and plot development. Every step you take, and every action you do has some sort of deeper meaning when you play the game. For example, throughout the game you are consistently picking up ladders and placing them in spots or lifting Ellie up to a ledge so she can unlock a door or move something to help the both of you reach higher places, but at one point when the triangle button appears indicating to press it so Ellie can climb...she doesn't come. Instead, she sits on a bench in a daze. The developers could have easily created a cut scene, but they didn't, they kept the story going by using an action that comes second nature to us as players.

     The storyline is not for the faint of heart as the script has no qualms in taking a character and pulling a complete one-eighty on you. People die, people are sick, people are terrible human beings as is indicated by one of the female characters...

                     "Guess what? We're shitty people, Joel!"
     The interesting thing about the game is the empathy for the people you come into contact with. Your character and the others around you are not that much better than the humans you face in the game (which are just as much, if not more than the infected). The game creates a sense that in spite of the bad things you do, there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere and in this game, the year travel across the country is a trying one to see a glimmer of that hope, but in spite of the horrors that no one, man or child should ever see, they keep going...because its worth it.

     I was told that I may be impressed with the ending, or disappointed.  I was both.

     Before I get into that, the gameplay needs to be addressed. The developers did a job well done on 'The Last of Us', which they should, since it seems to be the same as their Uncharted series with some additions. The real time crafting of tools was a fine touch as well as the weapon upgrading, but the latter is nothing new to games nor should it be, but if I wasn't as enthralled with the story, it would have been like playing Nathan Drake and Elena from Uncharted all over again.  That may come off as a bit unfair or harsh, and it's not meant to be, I love the 'Uncharted' games and that is a great engine... it just felt way to familiar.

     Stealth is key element to this game; guns an bullets are limited in this game as they should be in a post apocalyptic world. However, when shooting humans with a shotgun four times in the chest, it seems way to unrealistic.  With a game that wants to stay in some sort of realism and focus on stealth, shouldn't the regular humans die normally if you shoot them in the heart multiple time with the limited bullets your machine gun has in it?

     I would also like the applaud the cast. The voice work and motion capture was top notch, but I didn't expect anything less from the people at Naughty Dog. Troy Baker is rapidly becoming one of my favorite voice actors, hell, actor. His portrayal of Joel is the stuff that awards are made for and Ashley Johnson plays Ellie with grit laced with innocence in a world that is anything but.

     The ending.  I will not spoil the ending for you. I will just say this; as a gamer I was shocked the way it ended, but as a movie fan I was thrilled.  Gamers are spoiled, pure and simple. We get to the end of a game and we engage in an epic battle with tense music and when it's all over we look for that achievement/trophy in the corner of the screen and call it a day.  This game ends in a way that makes sense given the story line and was outside what I thought it would be because of what I am used to in games.  If you look at this as an experience and a technical or even storytelling greatness then the ending will make you put down the controller, sit back in your chair and stare at the credits while you ponder everything that occurred in the game and come to a realization that as screwed up as it may be...could you say that you would have done anything different than what the characters did?

     That is what makes great movies classics and just because a controller is involved, a game should not be thought of or treated any different, and if any game reserves that right for Ebert's respect, "The Last of Us" should be one of them.

     Experience: 10/10
     Gameplay: 8/10
     Story: 10/10
     Graphics: 10/10

     Overall: 9.5/10

     If you like this review, please let me know. I am considering doing this on a regular basis.



Monday, September 2, 2013

Equinox, the sequel to "Solstice" to be released in paperback soon!

The book should be available within the week! Thanks to those that have downloaded it and read it so far, but it is time to give it a good push. We will be touring it soon!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Solstice Paperback!

It's back! This time with a new cover and edits.  Should available on Amazon soon!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review for "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

There hasn't been a book that has held like this has. The last book I remember that had me the whole way through was Clive Barker's "The Thief of Always" and in some ways this novel reminded a lot of that in terms of a child's point of view.

I won't sit here and spoil it but there seems to be a lot of undertones to how we perceive things as a child and what actually happened and as we get older, the things we forget along the way, as well as sometimes what we want in life is not as important as the things we need and knowing the difference between the two. Perhaps the thing that struck me more than anything is how we perceive our parents when we are younger and when we grow up wee realize that they are not the people we thought or wanted them to be.

If you're a fan of Gaiman's then this book will not disappoint. It was the length it needed to be to make the novel effective. If there is one thing that I could say about it is that it seems like a very adult version of "Coraline". This isn't a bad thing, at least in my opinion, but it may be for others.
I'm giving it 5 stars.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time For Something New...Announcement

During my "Solstice" tour, a interviewer asked me, "Will you do anything besides horror/thriller novels?" I always knew that I would at some point but I never knew when.

My response was, "Whenever I have something meaningful to say."

After two years, I have come to the decision to put the "Solstice" series on hold. One reason is that after "Equinox" I burned myself out. I spent 18 hours on the last third of the book and it created a fatigue that has taken me awhile to get over. The second reason is due to the fact that I do not know, rather, can't decide if I am going to take Solstice to four books instead of a trilogy as I originally intended; that and I am waiting on word if the series is going to take on some other media form (take that however you want).

After recent events in the media, my own personal struggle recently, and the desire to tell a new kind of story; I have decided to announce that I will be working on "Pill Hill"

(Note: Not final cover art)
As much as I love Gavin and Solstice, I need to put them on the backburner and get this story out of my head.
As a writer, I try to tell some sort of meaningful story and while I am proud of my stories I fear they are not the kind of books that make you think about the world and ourselves as human beings. This may be coming off a bit pretentious, but there is some strange need in me to broaden my audience and my own horizons.
I need to believe that there is a least one book in me, in my lifetime, that I can create and at least have a handful of people think about it deeply before they go to bed at night; maybe think about the grand scheme of things, or look at something in a different perspective.
"Pill Hill" may not do that at all, but at least it will mean something to me in the long run. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Realization

I believe in fate. I believe that the people that we come into contact in life define us and in a lot of ways stick with us when events come full circle. Not all is good, but it the bad that help define us. It's a wonder to me that people I went to school with, people I talked to but never seen, and even those I just met, support me in ways I thought only the people I knew for years would and as it stands those people can disappoint you just as much. That may be from high expectation, but it doesn't make myself or any one less sad about it.
We live in hard times, but then again, we always have. Not one time in history has their been an era that has been completely good; just being a child and being ignorant of the bad is the only time I could think of where it was good.
Having said that, I believe in good. I believe in people as a whole and the possible goodness that we are all capable of but we lack the want or desire to be great for some reason. I am not great, I am human, but all I can do is try and all the world needs is the clarity to see their potential.
We meet one another and the people that matter the most to me are the ones that reach out and tell me, "I am proud of you" or "I always knew there was something about you" and these are the people I will always have an open ear to. The connections we make with others always come full circle; sometime good as well as the bad, and with that I say thank you and goodnight.
Bryan W. Dull

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Due to the Nevermore event this weekend, I have a special announcement to make.

"Equinox" will be releasing this Friday May 7th! Plus there is going to be something special going on during the event! Stay tuned!


A New Review for "Solstice"!

New review from Love 'N Books Blog!:

Solstice was nothing like I had anticipated. It was soooo much better!!

Gavin isn’t your typical vampire killer like you read about in other paranormal books. He is just a regular guy that has no spe...cial powers or weapons that he uses to kill them. And he has no special way of figuring out who is a vampire and who isn’t. He just knows that they only come out at night (daylight will kill them) and they haven’t completely turned yet, so he knows that he is fairly safe.

Solstice isn’t a normal vampire and throws Gavin off a bit because she is able to do everything that vampires shouldn’t be able to do. However, he doesn’t feel the need to kill her off, he feels the need to protect her from others.

Having to protect Solstice definitely throws a wrench in Gavin’s plans, if that’s what you want to call them. His only goal is to stop these vampires from spreading the AIDS virus and hopefully end it all. He knows that his plans are the best but he has no other ideas as to how to stop this from continuing. He has no family and no friends because this has become his life. And his mind definitely does not let his past rest – will his past forever haunt him???

Solstice may seem like a young child, but she grows rapidly due to being part vampire – a hybrid of sorts. And she is wanted by others to be tested since she is able to walk in the daylight and not be affected. She has many gifts but she is not sure how to control them. She knows how she was created but not sure why or what will happen to her.

Solstice and Gavin are on the run for lives. They can’t hide forever and know that they have to fight this “epidemic.”

Bryan Dull does a fantastic job of being so original with his writing. He doesn’t make up any new ways of killing off a vampire, but he is able to keep everything so entertaining. His writing it what keeps you locked in the story – very original and I love that!!

I can’t wait for the next book in this series to see where Solstice and Gavin go from here.


A New Adventure (Venture) is Coming...

I would like to take a moment and announce Nevermore Press and will officially launch on Friday and their Facebook event on Saturday. More info to come


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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Review!

Check out what Black Words-White Pages Jenny Bynum's had to say in this review for "Solstice"!

10*s. I received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest review.
WOW. What an amazing read and I can't believe that this is the author's first book written. I was hooked from beginning to end. This book is full of adventure, suspense, action, and a little bit of humor.... This a MUST read for adults that have a love for dark paranormal. I love the writing style that this author produces and if the rest of his books are this good, then I see this author reaching the top 100 on amazon and getting his name out there into the literary world!! I can't wait to take the plunge into this authors up coming books!! Thank you, Bryan W. Dull, for a fabulously written and mind catching story!!

The Excellent Cameo Renea Rates My Book

Look what author Cameo Renae had to say about "Solstice"!

What can I say…It’s been a long time since I’ve read something that really gripped me, keeping the pages turning, wanting to know what happened next. Well, Solstice ...did that for me. It was an awesome new take on vampires, and this book had it all…horror, suspense, scary, non-sparkly vampires, mystery, and humor.
Gavin is a vampire hunter, who hunts and kills humans who have been infected, but haven’t turned yet.
He runs into a young Half-breed named Solstice, who needs his help and asks for protection. He knows he shouldn’t, but he can’t turn her away. It’s a love/hate, father/daughter relationship, and the banter between them, at times, had me laughing out loud.
I had a hard time putting this one down. Very descriptive and well written. I felt like I was watching the events unfold like a movie, even though some scenes were like…OMG!!! I can’t wait to read the second book!!!
(There is some strong language, horror, and sexual content…recommended for more mature readers.)"


Sunday, April 28, 2013

To Those That Shun Me...

There is a difference between my characters and I. I am not Gavin Moxley. I am not any of the characters in my stories and having said that I should point out that I create fiction not reality. I will not lie and say nobody and personal situations do not inspire me to write the stories that I do. The fact is that I am under the impression that after my first book, “Solstice”, people seem to put off by me as a person, especially family. I am not sure if it’s because of the content, the nature, or just the dialogue in the book but I find it frustrating that after the book had come out my contact with friends and family has declined drastically. Some people tell me that it is just jealousy and perhaps that they don’t agree with or understand why I am not living the usual lifestyle that most want in life. That may be true, but I am not vain enough to say that.

I was told at one point before I started the book that writing was a waste of time and that there was no money in it. That person is no longer on my radar anymore because I chose to surround myself with people that support me and what I am trying to do with my life. People may not like what I do and that’s okay because if you are writing and you are not pissing someone off then you probably aren’t doing something right. I am not going to apologize for doing what I and others think I am great at.

In the long run, it may turn out to be nothing. At least I put my name out there into the world and my work will always be around for others to enjoy in my lifetime, and maybe my child’s lifetime as well and while people choose to stick with what is considered “normal”, I am not that person and if you are so against writing, books, or the arts in general, I at least had the guts to try to make a name for myself in some way…so my question for those who oppose the idea of what I do is… “What the hell have you done lately that is so great?”

Bryan W. Dull, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Get Your Head Out of Your Ass Square-Enix...I Hope You Learn Though.

I am not going into this ordeal a whole lot since its already been covered by the media. The Square-Enix videogame company, in it's fiscal report, stated that they did not sell enough copies in comparison to their projections and that their overseas subsidiary, Eidos, had failed to make enough money.


Tomb Raider sold about 3.5 million copies in its first month. Let's see, the game costs $60 and you get at least $40 back of that after portions are given to the store and the console company. So 3.5*40= $140 million dollars. You expect me to believe that it cost you $140 million dollars to make this game? You are full of yourselves and of shit as well.

The Eidos Company had made you money with games like; Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman, and Sleeping Dogs.


What has the Square brought to the table from their Japan location...(that's the sound of crickets)....that off shoot Kingdom Hearts 3DS that was okay at best and a Dragon Quest game the handheld as well.

Did you really expect a revisit to a dying franchise to sell 10 million games in a month? Call of Duty barely does that!

Square-Enix, you have brought us gems like the earlier Final Fantasy's, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Grandia, Children of Mana, and Chrono Trigger, to name a few. Face it...you got cocky and fell victim to your own success. You made these great games with awesome stories and great graphics as the Playstation released. You got arrogant with the your tech, and as each game came around the CG got better, but then you decided that people wanted to play a CG movie as opposed to a game. Final Fantasy XIII was veil of potential greatness, with a pile of pretentious crap on it. No one really liked it and you got panned for it. Fast forward a bit; then you give us sequels to a game that hardly anyone liked and did not ask for. Speaking of which, where the hell is Final Fantasy XIII Versus that you teased seven fuckin' years ago? Just call it Final Fantasy XV now, you might as well. Why are you composing teams of a few to generate nothing but cut scenes that no one wants for a game?

Reevaluate your shit! In these last several years you could have put out Kingdom Hearts III and could have made money hand over fist, regardless if it was good or not. Stop over projecting your profits and throwing the people that work for you overseas under the damn bus, and for the love of God...stop playing the victim! You're fans haven't changed...you have. Stop over producing your games with a small staff that is just costing you more money, or yen, whatever. Quit remaking the same damn games that you have already done for a new platform and just back to what made your company great.

I have faith in you Square, I really do, and hopefully the resignation of an upper level guy will help change that, but shame on you for blaming the people over seas for your fuck ups. This studio, Eidos, has made more money for you than you have made for yourselves 

Until you get your shit together...I think I'll pick up an Atlus game. At least they know how to entertain the gamer right now.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a random thought...

Not everyone will like what you decide to do in life and that's okay. However, those people do not value in your life and it comes to a point where you have to dismiss those people and find people that do. We live in a society where people will tell you "that's dumb" or "why are you doing that?" and those people are the ones, in most cases, are the ones that settle because its comfortable. Be proud that what you are trying to do or wanting do matters to people and if people don't like it...it's just words at the end of the day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bioshock Infinite May Be the Best Story You Will Never Read...But Play Instead.

Whenever I discuss videogame narrative, I usually get an eye roll or a certain pretentiousness from people that pretend they care. The fact is that people don't look at games as an art form right now, and perhaps they were right. I stress the term "were".

Ken Levine's and Irrational Games Studios may have just helped cross that line with Bioshock: Infinite. Set in the early 1900's, your character travels to a floating city in the sky to find a girl, Elizabeth, in order to erase his debt. I will not go into characters or spoilers as most people can Wikipedia it. However I will say a few things about it in general.

In a time of linear game experiences, we don't pay a lot of attention to the world in the game. We go through the motions of just getting to the next level and so on. With Bioshock it is the opposite. I dare any one of you to go through the game and not take a little extra time and look at the world around you and experience it for what it is.

The city of Columbia in the game comes off as peaceful and if you had all the money in the world you would want to live there. However, it is a world that still believes in minorities being the underlings of society. They worship America and it values up to a certain point in its history. When waling through the world, they have statues of John Wilkes Booth and a painting of him getting ready to assassinate Lincoln, with the president being portrayed with devil horns.

While this imagery is reprehensible, it adds to the game and leads into topics that games have not gone to, at least in my game experience. Other themes like alternate realities and oppression are main themes but the joy is the constant rush to the brain one can get when going through the storyline. So many things happen that circle around the beginning of the game, you will be left with the desire to come back to the narrative to experience it again; kind a like "The Sixth Sense" when it came out originally.

I am utterly fascinated with this game and Ken Levine at this point. As a writer, I wish I had half of that mans story telling talents. Bioshock: Infinite is the game that could change the way people view games. It doesn't have to be visceral all the time, which this game is, but rather make you think about the repercussions of what you do in life and what would have happened if you did the opposite. This is the game to redefine what games can be and will be along for the ride on the sky rails when other games start to.

5/5 Stars

Bryan W. Dull

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nominated for a HFA Author of the Year Award!

This is exciting for me since this is the first nomination for Solstice! Please friends and followers, all you have to do is email to shaggy1978@msn.com and put my name in the subject line.  That's it! please share with others so "Solstice" can get the recognition it deserves!

Bryan W. Dull

Saturday, March 30, 2013



Coming out on Friday April 5th!

Anastasia’s entire family had been killed by something quite un-natural. She has her own obstacles to face lets follow the journey to see what happens with Anastasia and The Dregg Chronicles.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Need Some Help!


I am currently #9 on Goodreads.com "Best Indie Author" for Solstice while my short "Daddy" is #15, I would love to move on through the ranks. I would love to be in the top 5!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Daughters Hospital

I like the hospital at night. Some would find if creepy but I find it to be peaceful. Walking down the hallways with hardly anyone running into you, waiting for people to exit the elevators to visit their loved ones and while I feel a calmness in knowing people are getting better for the most part; I know that people will be going into the next life...whatever that may be.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm stuck

I have an issue. Well, that may be the understatement of the year. The issues I am talking about is this constant nagging to write and the fact that I can't right now. Let me explain. I can technically write but the problem is that I want to start several things at once but I can't. I have some complex that only allows me to write one novel at a time and this pisses me off.

I can't really complain too much, but when you have a family, work full time, and go to school, starting something new seems to be the last thing I want to do but the only thing I think about doing. It's a conundrum.

Even if I were to, I have a secret project being developed right now, I have the third entry in the "Solstice" series that I need to start at some point but I need a break from that series for a while (the second one hasn't even been approved yet).

I need something to occupy my brain as I have problems sleeping because of it. Most people dream and get their ideas from that. Not me, I am too busy coming up with scenarios in my mind. When a movie trailer comes up in the theater with the dramatic music, I think of something else. Yes, I am inspired by movie trailer music, laugh if you want but the "Prometheus" trailer helped me come up with a majority of "Equinox".

Do I make myself write or is there such a thing for a writer as taking a break?

-Bryan W. Dull

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Sewer Drains & Lighthouses" Coming Soon

Coming very, very soon...

Life of Pi

Since I am a entertainment buff of sorts, I thought I would do my DVD/Blu-ray pick of the week. I never wrote reviews for movies before so bear with me.

This week my pick is:

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I knew going into this film that I would probably see something I would have never had seen before. Director Ang Lee is one of the greats in the film industry and "Life of Pi" establishes that. When looking at the previews, most people just see a boy stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger and wonder how that is going to be a good movie. It is...

This film is much more than what the trailers tell you. I think this film was so unique that it made it hard for the marketing people to come up with how to sell it. Fortunately, the Academy Award nominations helped the film to recoup its money; it cost about $120 million to make and went to gross $119 million in the U.S. alone according to IMDB.com

Will everyone like this film, probably not, but regardless of what you think about the movie, there is no denying the beauty of it. The underwater scenes are a marvel and the CGI of the animals was the best so far, in my opinion. Keep in mind, I saw the Blu-ray version so the HD quality was spectacular, so great in fact, I needed to plug in a USB port so that the files could be stored for better playback (at least that's how I read the warning when the movie started), the DTS sound mix was superb as well, probably the best in recent memory.

I will not go into any major plot points since that would go into spoiler territory, and some internet troll will complain that I ruined the movie for them (it happens all the time). What I will say is that there are many thematic elements that include love, loss, family, a unlikely friendship, and religion.
I have never been a man of much faith but I have always felt some sort of spirituality and this movie brought it out in me much more so than any other movie, and that is saying something.

Anyone with a mind and a heart will enjoy this film; it is thought provoking at the end and can make the audience think about their own humanity and the potential of goodness in others. While the movie does not completely spell everything out for you at the end, it will leave you debating with others what actually happened in the film and the events within.

Having said that, if you don't want to think about this film and how to interpret it then you probably won't enjoy it. Even if you don't, just enjoy the pretty visuals and the big kitty cat on the boat since I think it stole the show.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Is New For Me...

Hello! My name is Bryan W. Dull and I write stuff...a lot of stuff, and sometimes they go to peoples Kindles because they are awesome and through some small miracle they like what they buy!

If you do not know about me and what I write at this point, let me explain.

I have a novel called, "Solstice". It's an adult vampire book and its the first part of a planned trilogy. The best part about it is that its actually doing well for a first time author! If you want to read some reviews click on the link above that says "Reviews" (I like to keep it simple).  This was a four year process getting this book published and while I was waiting, I started the second book and guess what? It's done and waiting for approval to publish! I'm a little tired right now...

Then after about of month of my books release I put out a short story called, "Daddy". People like that one too! (Could I be a legitimate writer?) It's only .99 cents and a quick read!

I love film and am big into the gaming industry, so if you hear me talk about anything but my books (and it will be a lot), that will be what I talk about.

Thanks to those who have bought and enjoyed my stories thus far and I hope to hear your thoughts as well.

Bryan W. Dull