Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time For Something New...Announcement

During my "Solstice" tour, a interviewer asked me, "Will you do anything besides horror/thriller novels?" I always knew that I would at some point but I never knew when.

My response was, "Whenever I have something meaningful to say."

After two years, I have come to the decision to put the "Solstice" series on hold. One reason is that after "Equinox" I burned myself out. I spent 18 hours on the last third of the book and it created a fatigue that has taken me awhile to get over. The second reason is due to the fact that I do not know, rather, can't decide if I am going to take Solstice to four books instead of a trilogy as I originally intended; that and I am waiting on word if the series is going to take on some other media form (take that however you want).

After recent events in the media, my own personal struggle recently, and the desire to tell a new kind of story; I have decided to announce that I will be working on "Pill Hill"

(Note: Not final cover art)
As much as I love Gavin and Solstice, I need to put them on the backburner and get this story out of my head.
As a writer, I try to tell some sort of meaningful story and while I am proud of my stories I fear they are not the kind of books that make you think about the world and ourselves as human beings. This may be coming off a bit pretentious, but there is some strange need in me to broaden my audience and my own horizons.
I need to believe that there is a least one book in me, in my lifetime, that I can create and at least have a handful of people think about it deeply before they go to bed at night; maybe think about the grand scheme of things, or look at something in a different perspective.
"Pill Hill" may not do that at all, but at least it will mean something to me in the long run.