Saturday, April 13, 2013

Get Your Head Out of Your Ass Square-Enix...I Hope You Learn Though.

I am not going into this ordeal a whole lot since its already been covered by the media. The Square-Enix videogame company, in it's fiscal report, stated that they did not sell enough copies in comparison to their projections and that their overseas subsidiary, Eidos, had failed to make enough money.


Tomb Raider sold about 3.5 million copies in its first month. Let's see, the game costs $60 and you get at least $40 back of that after portions are given to the store and the console company. So 3.5*40= $140 million dollars. You expect me to believe that it cost you $140 million dollars to make this game? You are full of yourselves and of shit as well.

The Eidos Company had made you money with games like; Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman, and Sleeping Dogs.


What has the Square brought to the table from their Japan location...(that's the sound of crickets)....that off shoot Kingdom Hearts 3DS that was okay at best and a Dragon Quest game the handheld as well.

Did you really expect a revisit to a dying franchise to sell 10 million games in a month? Call of Duty barely does that!

Square-Enix, you have brought us gems like the earlier Final Fantasy's, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Grandia, Children of Mana, and Chrono Trigger, to name a few. Face got cocky and fell victim to your own success. You made these great games with awesome stories and great graphics as the Playstation released. You got arrogant with the your tech, and as each game came around the CG got better, but then you decided that people wanted to play a CG movie as opposed to a game. Final Fantasy XIII was veil of potential greatness, with a pile of pretentious crap on it. No one really liked it and you got panned for it. Fast forward a bit; then you give us sequels to a game that hardly anyone liked and did not ask for. Speaking of which, where the hell is Final Fantasy XIII Versus that you teased seven fuckin' years ago? Just call it Final Fantasy XV now, you might as well. Why are you composing teams of a few to generate nothing but cut scenes that no one wants for a game?

Reevaluate your shit! In these last several years you could have put out Kingdom Hearts III and could have made money hand over fist, regardless if it was good or not. Stop over projecting your profits and throwing the people that work for you overseas under the damn bus, and for the love of God...stop playing the victim! You're fans haven't have. Stop over producing your games with a small staff that is just costing you more money, or yen, whatever. Quit remaking the same damn games that you have already done for a new platform and just back to what made your company great.

I have faith in you Square, I really do, and hopefully the resignation of an upper level guy will help change that, but shame on you for blaming the people over seas for your fuck ups. This studio, Eidos, has made more money for you than you have made for yourselves 

Until you get your shit together...I think I'll pick up an Atlus game. At least they know how to entertain the gamer right now.

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