Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life of Pi

Since I am a entertainment buff of sorts, I thought I would do my DVD/Blu-ray pick of the week. I never wrote reviews for movies before so bear with me.

This week my pick is:

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I knew going into this film that I would probably see something I would have never had seen before. Director Ang Lee is one of the greats in the film industry and "Life of Pi" establishes that. When looking at the previews, most people just see a boy stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger and wonder how that is going to be a good movie. It is...

This film is much more than what the trailers tell you. I think this film was so unique that it made it hard for the marketing people to come up with how to sell it. Fortunately, the Academy Award nominations helped the film to recoup its money; it cost about $120 million to make and went to gross $119 million in the U.S. alone according to

Will everyone like this film, probably not, but regardless of what you think about the movie, there is no denying the beauty of it. The underwater scenes are a marvel and the CGI of the animals was the best so far, in my opinion. Keep in mind, I saw the Blu-ray version so the HD quality was spectacular, so great in fact, I needed to plug in a USB port so that the files could be stored for better playback (at least that's how I read the warning when the movie started), the DTS sound mix was superb as well, probably the best in recent memory.

I will not go into any major plot points since that would go into spoiler territory, and some internet troll will complain that I ruined the movie for them (it happens all the time). What I will say is that there are many thematic elements that include love, loss, family, a unlikely friendship, and religion.
I have never been a man of much faith but I have always felt some sort of spirituality and this movie brought it out in me much more so than any other movie, and that is saying something.

Anyone with a mind and a heart will enjoy this film; it is thought provoking at the end and can make the audience think about their own humanity and the potential of goodness in others. While the movie does not completely spell everything out for you at the end, it will leave you debating with others what actually happened in the film and the events within.

Having said that, if you don't want to think about this film and how to interpret it then you probably won't enjoy it. Even if you don't, just enjoy the pretty visuals and the big kitty cat on the boat since I think it stole the show.

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