Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Is New For Me...

Hello! My name is Bryan W. Dull and I write stuff...a lot of stuff, and sometimes they go to peoples Kindles because they are awesome and through some small miracle they like what they buy!

If you do not know about me and what I write at this point, let me explain.

I have a novel called, "Solstice". It's an adult vampire book and its the first part of a planned trilogy. The best part about it is that its actually doing well for a first time author! If you want to read some reviews click on the link above that says "Reviews" (I like to keep it simple).  This was a four year process getting this book published and while I was waiting, I started the second book and guess what? It's done and waiting for approval to publish! I'm a little tired right now...

Then after about of month of my books release I put out a short story called, "Daddy". People like that one too! (Could I be a legitimate writer?) It's only .99 cents and a quick read!

I love film and am big into the gaming industry, so if you hear me talk about anything but my books (and it will be a lot), that will be what I talk about.

Thanks to those who have bought and enjoyed my stories thus far and I hope to hear your thoughts as well.

Bryan W. Dull

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