Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A New Review for "Solstice"!

New review from Love 'N Books Blog!:

Solstice was nothing like I had anticipated. It was soooo much better!!

Gavin isn’t your typical vampire killer like you read about in other paranormal books. He is just a regular guy that has no spe...cial powers or weapons that he uses to kill them. And he has no special way of figuring out who is a vampire and who isn’t. He just knows that they only come out at night (daylight will kill them) and they haven’t completely turned yet, so he knows that he is fairly safe.

Solstice isn’t a normal vampire and throws Gavin off a bit because she is able to do everything that vampires shouldn’t be able to do. However, he doesn’t feel the need to kill her off, he feels the need to protect her from others.

Having to protect Solstice definitely throws a wrench in Gavin’s plans, if that’s what you want to call them. His only goal is to stop these vampires from spreading the AIDS virus and hopefully end it all. He knows that his plans are the best but he has no other ideas as to how to stop this from continuing. He has no family and no friends because this has become his life. And his mind definitely does not let his past rest – will his past forever haunt him???

Solstice may seem like a young child, but she grows rapidly due to being part vampire – a hybrid of sorts. And she is wanted by others to be tested since she is able to walk in the daylight and not be affected. She has many gifts but she is not sure how to control them. She knows how she was created but not sure why or what will happen to her.

Solstice and Gavin are on the run for lives. They can’t hide forever and know that they have to fight this “epidemic.”

Bryan Dull does a fantastic job of being so original with his writing. He doesn’t make up any new ways of killing off a vampire, but he is able to keep everything so entertaining. His writing it what keeps you locked in the story – very original and I love that!!

I can’t wait for the next book in this series to see where Solstice and Gavin go from here.


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