Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Realization

I believe in fate. I believe that the people that we come into contact in life define us and in a lot of ways stick with us when events come full circle. Not all is good, but it the bad that help define us. It's a wonder to me that people I went to school with, people I talked to but never seen, and even those I just met, support me in ways I thought only the people I knew for years would and as it stands those people can disappoint you just as much. That may be from high expectation, but it doesn't make myself or any one less sad about it.
We live in hard times, but then again, we always have. Not one time in history has their been an era that has been completely good; just being a child and being ignorant of the bad is the only time I could think of where it was good.
Having said that, I believe in good. I believe in people as a whole and the possible goodness that we are all capable of but we lack the want or desire to be great for some reason. I am not great, I am human, but all I can do is try and all the world needs is the clarity to see their potential.
We meet one another and the people that matter the most to me are the ones that reach out and tell me, "I am proud of you" or "I always knew there was something about you" and these are the people I will always have an open ear to. The connections we make with others always come full circle; sometime good as well as the bad, and with that I say thank you and goodnight.
Bryan W. Dull

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